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Smart Loft Storage Solutions
Smart Loft Storage Solutions


         We are Scotland's Loft Boarding and  Loft Ladders Specialist 

Need extra storage space?

As time goes by you will inevitably accumulate many personal and household items, which will need storage space. Generally, the larger the family, the more space will be required. Very often, the first choice is to fill the garage with all the items you want to keep and those items that are rarely used, along with your most treasured items and mementoes.

As the garage quickly becomes cluttered, a spare room can prove useful in taking all the excess baggage and belongings, until finally, you have simply run out of space. For many households that only leaves one last option.... 

Loft space 

Most residential properties have an attic or loft space that can be utilised for storage space. However, it’s not simply a case of spreading all your collectables and memorabilia over the timber joists which are coverd by insulation. This could be dangerous and affect the integrity of your loft insulation. To make safe use of any available loft space, the area needs to be boarded.


This process involves raising the floor space to ensure there is adequate room for the insulation without compressing it. The loft will also need a suitable access ladder and very often additional lighting. There may also be a need for grab rails, a safety balustrade and a specially adapted loft hatch. 


We have the perfect solution


Smart Loft Storage Solutions offer a complete loft flooring installation service at very affordable prices. We operate within a 70 miles radius of Edinburgh and we provide a free no-obligation quotation for any type of loft space conversion. We are professional, reliable tradesmen offering high quality workmanship, which is fully guaranteed for 5 years.

Raised systems we are using are  HNBC compliant. 

Our services include the installation of loft hatches, lighting, raised boarding, insulation and loft ladders. We undertake all types and sizes of loft space installations, allowing you to take full advantage of the roof space of your property. No more storage problems and easy access at any time. Low on cost, high on quality.



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