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If you live in older property you might find that your loft is insuffencitly insulated .

Loft insulation is vital part of energy efficiency of your property as much as 70% of heat can escape through the roof space. At Smart Loft Storage Solutions we can fit insulation as part of flooring installation or we can insulated your loft without the flooring 


Current building standard stipulates that there should be at least 270mm of insulating material installed at the ceiling level.

Our loft insulation solutions provide the most cost effective insulation solution with regards to the ratio of cost to energy saved as insulation thickness is largely unrestricted, allowing very high levels of thermal performance.


The first layer of insulation is laid between the joists to the same depth as the ceiling joists, with subsequent layers being laid at right angles to the ceiling joists, with all edges butt jointed to prevent thermal bridging and unwanted heat loss.

We serve domestic and commercial properties across Scotland



Main advantages of 

• Very cost effective
• Non-combustable
• Made using Recycled materials
• Super-soft feel- no itchiness compared to traditional insulation.


During the installation we will use best performing products supplied by