Smart Loft Storage Solutions
Smart Loft Storage Solutions
Smart Loft Storage Solutions

Loft Accessories



We are Scotland's Loft Boarding and  Loft Ladders Specialist 


All accessories can be fitted as part of the package with loft flooring installation.

Loft Lighting


Loft lighting is essential when moving objects into and out of a loft. We can supply and install a range of soft LED loft lighting products including battery or mains supply. These are powerful lights that will illuminate the whole loft area, making it easy for you to move around freely and confidently.

 All electrical work will be certified by  SELECT registered electrician  following completion of work. 


Loft hatches


Loft hatches come in a variety of shapes and sizes and the most suitable size for your loft will depend on the ceiling space available and the type of loft ladder required. Whichever loft hatch is best for you, it will comply with the most recent Building Regulations . We can supply PVC or metal hatches in variaty of sizes. 


Grab rails & balustrades



When reaching the top of your loft ladder you may require the added assistance and security of a grab rail or balustrade to enable you to pull yourself into the loft space. This useful accessory is equally valuable when lowering yourself onto the loft ladder when exiting the loft. Grab rails and balustrades are available in wood or steel and will be securely fixed to the floor.


We can advise you about all the accessories, which are available for your new loft space installation during your loft survey. 












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