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Smart Loft Storage Solutions
Smart Loft Storage Solutions

Loft Boarding



         We are Scotland's Loft Boarding and  Loft Ladders Specialist 





Current building regulations stipulate that there need to be at least 270 mm of insulation material installed at the ceiling level therefore

It’s not advisable to fit boards directly onto existing joists because it would mean compressing the insulation and restricting air flow.

In order to raise flooring above the level of insulation  we use the award winning Loft Leg system, which is a fully patented loft boarding system.


Raising your l loft floor will protect and enhance the efficiency of your loft insulation preventing moisture built up which can damage your property. 


All Loft Leg's products are made from recycled materials, and are manufactured in the UK, wherever possible, to the highest international standards. They comes in two sizes 175mm and 300mm to accommodate different thickness of insulation. If you own a new property you can rest assured as installation of loft leg won’t affect your HNBC warranty.


Statement in regards to HNBC 

● Protects existing insulation

● Minimises condensation

● Saves energy

● Provides safe & secure floor storage areas

We are Loft Leg recommended installer for Scotland 

 You can also read what Loft Leg had to say about work by visiting here  where you will find a case study describing our work with customer feedback. 


We can also fit other raised flooring systems like: