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Smart Loft Storage Solutions
Smart Loft Storage Solutions
Smart Loft Storage Solutions
Loft Ladders and Extras

Loft Ladders and Extras


Loft Ladders

2 Section Aluminium Ladder

The sturdy and practical 2 section aluminium loft ladder is a perfect loft-access solution, extending from two overlapping sections that can be affixed to the inside of the loft to be lowered down when access is needed. It is fitted with 'D' shaped rungs for added security and comfort and comes with a universal stowing pole which is compatible with most modern drop-down loft hatches. Suitable for ceiling heights of up to 2.69m with a load capacity of 150kg's. This ladder requires a clearance distance of 0.71m above the hatch and a minimum of 1.27m behind the hatch for the ladder to stow.Min Loft Opening Size Required 490x380mm



3 Section Aluminium Ladder

This loft ladder extends out from three overlapping sections and makes it suitable to be fitted in ceiling heights of up to 3m. It has slip-resistant 'D' shaped rungs for comfort and security, comes with a universal stowing pole and has a handrail fitted to the third section for added safety when entering or exiting the loft and like the 2 section, it has a load capacity of 150kg's. This ladder requires a clearance distance(arc) of 0.71m above the loft hatch and 1.12m behind the loft hatch for the ladder to sit when not in use.



3 Section Easy Stow

  This 3 section 'Easy-Stow' loft ladder has a couple of added features that the other aluminium loft ladders in the Werner range don't have. This ladder features a spring assisted system to provide total control when lowering or stowing the loft ladder. It also comes with an in-loft handrail for added safety and comfort when entering or leaving the loft. Like the other two aluminium ladders we have talked about, it has the 'D' shaped rungs and comes with the universal stowing pole. This ladder is suitable for ceiling heights of up to 3m and needs 0.71m clearance space above the loft hatch and 1.12m of space behind the loft hatch to stow away.


Timber Loft Ladder

3 section folding timber loft ladder is the ideal solution for accessing your loft if you intend to make regular visits to the loft. Coming complete with hatch and frame this loft ladder comes in a wide variety of hatch sizes to suit most circumstances. All hatches offer a generous amount of space within which to walk up the ladder, as well as being able to take objects into the loft. Clearly, the larger the hatch size, the easier it is to take large objects into the loft.

The ladder folds into three sections on the back of the hatch door so when the hatch is shut, the ladder doesn't take up any of your precious loft storage space. The ladder has extra wide(80mm), non-slip treads a fitted handrail and a fully insulated and fully sealed hatch door. Once installed in your ceiling, we finish around the four eves of the kit with a white architrave for a neat finish.



LED Battery operated light

The Loft Light is an ultra bight, battery powered LED light bulb that illuminates a loft instantly. The Loft Light requires no electrical wiring and can be screwed directly to any timber element in the Loft (roof truss, rafter, purlin or noggin). Utilising the latest in LED technology the Loft Light provides the equivalent illumination of a 32 Watt bulb with a battery life of up to 4 years.The Loft Light includes a 2m long pull string, reflective strip. The Loft Light is CE certified, RoHs and WEEE compliant. * Based on 20 minutes of use per month.


Mains powered light WIN LED BATTEN 43W 4400LM 4FT


Extremely bright light to illuminate your loft. Comes with a switch installed near loft entrance , Perfect for when you want to make a regular visits to your loft. Minor Work Certificate provided on all electrical work.


Loft Lid (down light covers)


If you happen to have a down light installed in you loft space we will make sure that all down light are covered with Loft lids for safe operation.


The Loft Lid creates a protective barrier or cover over down lights to prevent over heating and house fires. The design ensures loft insulation does not directly contact down lights and that there is sufficient ventilation around the light for heat dissipation.


Loft insulation

If your loft is not sufficiently insulated or if you would like to have additional layers of insulation to bring it to Government recommended thickens we can provide and fit insulation during floor installation

• Very cost effective
• Non-combustable
• Made using Recycled materials
• Super-soft feel- no itchiness compared to traditional insulation.

Smart Loft Storage Solution will lay your loft insulation in a specific way; one layer between your joists, and another layer length ways across the joists. This means that your loft insulation will be up to building regulation standards. It will last indefinitely so you won’t have to change it every few years., helping your insulation to save you money